Supima cotton imports from the United States increased in 2021

Supima cotton imports from the United States increased in 2021

02 February 2022, Mumbai:

India’s imports of Supima cotton from the United States increased last year to 219,360 lakh bales from 1.74,822 bales in 2020, owing largely to leading US brands shifting their garment sourcing to India from China.

Bruce Atherley, Executive Director, Cotton Council International (CCI) believes, brands are becoming more responsible in their sourcing strategies as sustainability and transparency are no longer optional. Leading brands are mapping their supply chains all the way back to spinning mills and looking for reliable supply chain partners.

Bruce Atherley | Executive Director | CCI

Peush Narang, CCI Country Representative-India and Sri Lanka, adds, the Indian textile industry is at a critical juncture thanks to its growing cotton imports.

India's textile exports have been brisk as a result of rising demand and government support. Between April and December 2021, India’s textile and apparel exports increased by 41 per cent to $29.8 billion, up from $21.2 billion in the same period last year.

From April-December, India’s textile sector's exports, including textile, apparel, and handicraft, increased by 15 per cent year on year. Exports of cotton yarn, fabrics, made-ups, and handloom products increased by 43 per cent year on year during the period, while jute product exports increased by 33 per cent.

In December, India’s textile exports increased by a record 37 per cent year on year to $37 billion, the highest-ever monthly exports achieved so far. In the same period last year, exports totaled more than $27 billion.

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