Draft E-Commerce: Feedback deadline July 21

Draft E-Commerce: Feedback deadline July 21

Government extends date for consultative feedback on proposed e-commerce draft.

This is the outcome of repeated considerations expressed by lead e-tailers likes of Amazon, Flipkart & Tata Group, the central government has extended the deadline to July 21 for suggestions/ consultations on proposed adjustments for Indian e-commerce.


It may be recalled unique/ original timeline was July 6th and the draft was made public on June 21th,2021.


Sticky point:

Exhaustive changes been proposed are uncomforting to e-commerce Cos.

 Watch: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zX6wJrrFrTw

Industry chambers View:



Consumer affairs ministry: Draws attention that proposed rules deal with 'unfair' trade practices that hurts customers.


“The committee set up to look into the state of affairs comprehensively, therefore, recommended that course correction to mitigate questionable tactics including manipulation of algorithms, influential product reviews & transparent rating mechanism must be created so that the interest of consumer is not hurt or compromised at any cost.”


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