Reliance Brands: 6th ‘Designer Brand’ acquisition & counting

Reliance Brands: 6th ‘Designer Brand’ acquisition & counting

21 April 2022, Mumbai:

In the past years, we have seen the magnanimous growth of Reliance India, and it has been counting ever since.

They have acquired quite a handful o-f companies, and the significance is that the companies overtaken or acquired by Reliance are not just in one particular domain but almost every domain.

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So, narrowing it down to fashion, Reliance has acquired five influential brands and has now successfully acquired a significant chunk of the renowned brand Abu Jani Sandeep Khosla.

An agreement has been signed between Reliance Brands Limited and Abu Jani, which mentions that RBL will be investing in the design brand.

RBL has successfully acquired a majority stake in this company, which is about 51 percent making it ownership by RBL.


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However, AJSK will continue to lead and control the company in the upcoming days. The couture houses of AJSK are aged over 35 years, and not a very fruitful outcome is being noted from them.

Thus RBL and AJSK will be strategically joining hands to improve and grow the outputs and the works in these houses. AJSK continues to be a very renowned and premium brand in the country.

This particular undertaking of RBL is considered an excellent investment, and the owner also mentioned it.


AJSK has three substantial brand holdings like GULABO, ASAL, MARD, etc., making it a premium and reliable brand. Reliance Retail Venture, directed by Isha Ambani, has mentioned that AJSK is one of the premium couture brands in the design and fashion industry.

The brand is highly famous in India and has a vastly detailed design caliber making it highly liked by the customers.

The primary input that RBL brings in is its high market strategy and intense hold in the outside market, which will, in turn, help AJSK to rise and flourish at the global level.


Therefore, the venture seems exceedingly exciting to the RBL strategy team and is looked upon with great interest.

So, the prime motive of RBL is to make this brand known and accepted worldwide to regain the popularity of the forgotten Indian art and craft across the globe.

Earlier RBL had also joined hands with several other leading fashion brands like Manish Malhotra, Rahul Mishra, Raghavendra Rathore, etc. Reliance has partnered with chic brands like Diesel, Armani, Tiffany & Co., and many more renowned and classic brands, making its reach huge and a market bull.

The launches will harness Reliance Brands’ retail network to bring Designers’ designs to a wider audience.

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*“Teaming up with India’s foremost couturiers, who hold an unparalleled position in Indian fashion for their fine craftsmanship and impeccable attention to detail, techniques, and embroideries is thrilling, as it allows us to build a stronger platform for their zealous commitment to reinvention of Indian craft,” said Isha Ambani, director, Reliance Retail Ventures Ltd., the holding company of all retail companies in Reliance Industries group. (Courtesy: The Hindu)

Marriage and rising awareness drives fashion designer apparel demand. They are gravitating toward long-lasting or timeless fashion. These factors are also making Indian consumers superior to their global counterparts.

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