Sustainable but affordable Fashion

Sustainable but affordable Fashion

20 April 2022, Mumbai:

Recently, we have witnessed a considerable increase in the number of fashion brands in the market, and several brands under franchises have also emerged.

With such a rapid addition of brands into the fashion world, there is an increasing question of sustainability, adding to which comes the question of affordability of the products.

The first point is that whatever product a particular fashion brand is launching should have high sustainability, which means it should have a longer lifespan, excellent quality, and not wear off quickly.


Ensure that a brand has to undergo several testing and research phases, such as research on what fabric should be used and what dyes and stitches should be used to not wear off quickly.

Fashion brands have been extensively aggressive in their marketing strategies and competition. There are numerous brands in the market.

Is sustainable fashion a rich man's obsession/Sustainable yet fashionable

Still, people choose to go with a particular brand that matches their taste and requirements and has the additional plus point of being affordable and sustainable.

Coming down to affordability, if we broadly focus on India, we can see that the more significant population of India is the middle class, due to which affordability of any product is of utmost importance.

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So, any brand which is planning to grow in the world of fashion has to first look into the affordability of its products.

With each passing day and increasing competition, consumer behavior rapidly changes, making it difficult for fashion brands to keep up with it.

Coming down to some very sustainable Indian brands, we have:

Nicobar-It is a very premium brand selling clothes that are highly comfortable and relaxing and is very much curtailing to the travel niche. The fabric is where the company has a firm hold in this very competitive global market. And what makes it highly sustainable is that it does not make use of any pesticides or chemicals, making it additionally eco-friendly.

Chakori Ethnic - It is an ethnic brand that plans to shed some light on the rural designs and crafts, adding different traditional touches. It has a tie-up with a handful of rural designing craftsmen and artisans, making it a huge source of living and employment for them as well.

Liva - This particular brand uses wood pulp to make its fashion fabrics and clothing items, which makes it completely natural. These clothes are highly relaxing and comforting to the body, making them a prime choice for the customers.

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Along with these, loads of other brands are highly in demand. They are coming with greater sustainability and affordability and eco-friendly materials for making it safe for humans and the environment.

An eco-friendly approach toward fashion is one of the prime concerns in today's world; with people turning vegan all over the globe and the increasing global warming, it's time to give priority and importance to our environment in everything we do.

So, a very prime step would be using and developing fabrics that will not harm our environment, as well as us, in the upcoming future, and to carry out this entire process and make the expected product available to the people at very affordable prices.

It is a new revolution in fashion and has a considerable way to go in the coming times.

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