Abhinav Mishra's Opulent Delhi Haven


12 June 2023, Mumbai

Luxury fashion designer Abhinav Mishra has recently inaugurated his grand flagship store at Regency One, situated in Chattarpur, New Delhi. Spanning two floors and covering 1,770 square feet, the store exudes the mesmerizing mirror work that has become synonymous with Mishra's designs.

A Perfect Blend of Tradition and Modernity

Via their Facebook page, the brand ecstatically declared, "Welcome to our new flagship store in Chattarpur, Delhi! An amalgamation of the timeless and contemporary, an authentic Abhinav Mishra experience awaits you."

Exquisite Décor

Opposite the renowned Dhan Mill compound, the store's architectural magnificence evokes a regal palace. Shoppers are greeted by statues of wedding horses, while the store encompasses the natural beauty of a preserved tree. Emphasizing bridal wear, the store debuted with Mishra's celebrated collections, 'Tara Sitara' and 'Dilbar.'

Bridal Wear and Exclusive Collections

Mishra shared with Vogue India his vision for the store, stating, "I wanted the store to be a serene sanctuary, not overwhelming visitors with an abundance of stimuli.

We sought to create a calming space suffused with natural sunlight, verdant surroundings, and gentle hues, drawing inspiration from my travels and cherished memories from childhood."

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