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Versatile Manufacturing: Planning Principles

26 September 2022, Mumbai:

Clothing businesses anywhere in the world must be versatile manufacturers who require innovative process engineering to adapt the same people and machinery to whatever the next order requires. There is no room to waste time, talent, or material.

Sewn products manufacturers box themselves into thinking they are "pants manufacturers," or "dress manufacturers," or "shirt manufacturers." The reality is that most products require similar processes, people, and equipment to manufacture.

Tukatech is now better positioned than ever to execute an ambitious expansion plan in Asia, the Middle East, Eastern, and Western Europe, Africa, and other emerging regions, all while dealing with an ever-changing and increasingly difficult supply chain environment.

The Way I See It with Ram Sareen, Tukatech

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77th Session of UNGA Week: Sudha Reddy to Be Honoured

20 September 2022, Mumbai:

Philanthropist Sudha Reddy to Be Honoured at 10th Annual First Ladies Luncheon During the 77th Session of the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) Week.

A slew of influential figures in entertainment, fashion, activism, politics, and business from around the world will gather to support both the UN Sustainable Development Goals and F4D’s efforts to promote positive strategies for sustainable economic growth.

Sudha Reddy who chairs the charity office of MEIL and Sudha Reddy Foundation states, “I have always believed that fashion is a vehicle by which culture and heritage are reflected and formed.

Evie Evangelou, President and Founder of Fashion 4 Development says, “I am thrilled to bring together global leaders and change-makers from around the world to leverage the expression of fashion for sustainable economic growth and independence of communities worldwide.

The 2nd Annual Sustainable Goals Banquet will be MCed by F4D Founder Evie Evangelou and co-MCed by Founder, CEO, and Chief Mentor of ThreeEQ Jason Ma.

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COUTURE'22 X LIVA FASHION: Celebration of 75 years on Indo-Thai diplomatic relations

23 September 2022, Mumbai:

Sahil Kochhar and Nachiket Barve presented at the COUTURE'22 X LIVA FASHION in celebration of 75 years of Indo-Thai diplomatic relations.

Liva, is the premium brand from the house of Aditya Birla Group, amalgamating the rich splendor of Indian Brocade fabrics from LIVA with the exquisite artistry of Thai Ikat Silks.

Against the backdrop of India and Thailand celebrating the completion of 75 years of diplomatic relations, the spotlight shifts to bringing out the rich heritage of textiles in both nations, presented in a very contemporary fashion.

Popular Designers Sahil Kochhar and Nachiket Barve are poised to showcase on 29th September 2022.

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realme Design Studio partners with Lakmé Fashion Week

20 September 2022, Mumbai:

realme Design Studio partners with Lakmé Fashion Week, to bring brand's strong grasp of trendy design and lifestyle.

realme, has announced the first-ever collaboration of realme Design Studio with Lakmé Fashion Week for Season 2.

In the March edition of FDCI X Lakmé Fashion Week this year in New Delhi, realme had teamed up with renowned designers Shantnu and Nikhil to present creative, sustainable, and eco-friendly design features on Day 1.

Lakmé Fashion Week 2022 will be happening on ground in Mumbai during the second week of October.

Commenting on the development, Madhav Sheth, CEO - realme India, Vice  President - realme and President - realme International Business Group, said, “As an industry pioneer, we believe in consistently expanding the boundaries of innovation through thrilling surprises.

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