In India, Adidas opens its first flagship shop

In India, Adidas opens its first flagship shop

16th September 2021, Mumbai:

In India's national capital, New Delhi, German sportswear giant Adidas has built its first flagship shop. Multiple digital touch-points, such as immersive displays, digital plinths, and ceiling screens, will be available to consumers at the 'Home of Possibilities' store in Connaught Place, which spans 5,900 sq ft of retail space over four levels.

Sunil Gupta, senior director of Adidas India, stated in a statement on the new flagship shop, "We are pleased to establish our first flagship store in India in the heart of the city."

'The Home of Possibilities' embodies the best of our brand in a unique way, bringing a worldwide shopping experience to one location. Our goal is to reinvent the physical experience via innovation, creativity, and design, providing a one-of-a-kind shopping experience for our customers.”

“Through the artwork in-store, the zones highlighting our national athletes, and quirky local prints in the customization zone, we've also brought in local flavors and elements,” he said.

Adidas has been growing its footprint in India, where it sees tremendous development potential, and has just opened a digital store to serve clients all over the nation. In addition, the brand sells through several e-commerce sites. Watch YouTube:


Watch YouTube:

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