MTV Date to Remember Returns: Runway Romance Redefined!


12 December 2023, Mumbai

Brace yourself, fashionistas and reality TV fans! MTV Date to Remember is back for its much-anticipated second season, bigger and bolder than ever. This time, Buddies Productions and K2S Media join forces to introduce a revolutionary concept: Mr. and Miss India Runway Model. Say goodbye to predictable dating shows, because D2R is changing the game!

Forget forced interactions and staged drama. This season is about a unique blend of fashion, romance, style, fitness, and personal growth. Witness genuine connections blossom through immersive compatibility tasks that challenge contestants physically, mentally, and socially. It's not just about finding the perfect partner; it's about discovering the perfect match in every aspect.

Mark your calendars for Q1 2024 and prepare to be captivated by six and a half weeks of high-voltage entertainment. D2R's innovative format promises to be a game-changer, leaving you on the edge of your seat.

Leading the charge is fashion icon Akanksha Puri. Her expertise and charisma will guide the contestants through the challenges and triumphs of the runway world. And who better to bring this vision to life than Buddies Productions? This rising media powerhouse is already making waves with its commitment to showcasing the raw spirit of India. With over 25 projects under their belt and collaborations with renowned influencers, they're poised to take the TV world by storm.

MTV D2R isn't just a reality show; it's a talent discovery platform. Deep within India's diverse youth, from bustling cities to rural villages, lies untapped potential waiting to be unleashed. Witness their transformational journeys under the guidance of industry experts as they master the art of the catwalk and navigate the unpredictable world of fashion.

So, are you ready for a reality show with a twist? Buckle up for a season of heart-stopping romance, dazzling transformations, and fashion that will redefine the runway. MTV Date to Remember is back, and it's hotter than ever.

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