For the 'Khadi Goes Global' programme, Khadi India will invite eight designers to Dubai

 For the 'Khadi Goes Global' programme, Khadi India will invite eight designers to Dubai

13 January 2022, Mumbai:

Khadi India, a handloom brand of the Khadi and Village Industries Commission, will invite eight Indian designers to Dubai to display their inventive interpretations on Khadi textiles at the present Expo2020 event.

Khadi India will present a 'Sustainable Khadi Exposition' at Dubai's Expo2020, the Fashion Design Council of India said on Facebook, as part of its efforts to promote Khadi fabrics and items created from them on worldwide market.

The project is part of KVIC's 'Khadi Goes Global' campaign, which is being run in collaboration with the FDCI.

Designer Ujjawal Dubey will feature a collection of androgynous forms for men and women to highlight the mobility of Khadi textiles as part of the exhibition. Antar-Agni, Dubey's label, is noted for its gender-neutral and natural aesthetic, as well as a combination of modern and traditional aesthetics.

National day at Expo

Designer Ashish Satyavrat Sahi will show pieces from his label Khadiwala, including neutral-toned outfits that accentuate the intricacy of the handloom fabrics used to create the ensembles. Womenswear by Charu Parashar will feature bold floral motifs and brilliant colours for a more colourful take on Khadi.

Rina Dhaka, Shruti Sancheti, Swatti Kapoor, Sushant Abrol (Countrymade), and Rahul Singh are among the designers who will be included in the event. After being postponed from 2020 owing to the pandemic, Expo2020 debuted in Dubai on October 1, 2021.

From heavy industries to tourism, the Indian Pavilion at the global expo is presenting a diverse range of Indian enterprises to foreign investors.


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