Birla Cellulose launches eco-friendly Bamboo Viscose


12 September 2023, Mumbai

Birla Cellulose, part of the Aditya Birla Group, a leader in sustainable Man-Made Cellulosic Fibres (MMCF), unveils Birla Viscose Ecosoft, a novel bamboo-derived viscose.

Bamboo grows exceptionally fast, maturing in just 4-6 months, making it an eco-friendly textile choice, requiring fewer resources.


Ecosoft fibers represent an advancement over regular viscose, offering superior moisture control, and promoting breathability and thermo-regulation, all while providing a soft, lightweight feel.

The bamboo pulp comes from sustainably managed, FSC® certified forests, and manufacturing maintains high-quality and eco-friendly standards.

Additionally, Birla Viscose Ecosoft includes a molecular tracer for transparent supply chain tracking.

Manmohan Singh, Chief Marketing Officer, states that this innovation aligns with consumer demands for comfort, lustrous drapes, and sustainability in apparel, benefiting the textile industry.

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