Indian Wedding Fashion: Tradition Innovated


20 June 2023, Mumbai

Wedding fashion in India has undergone a transformative journey, blending traditional customs with contemporary styles and global influences.

What all you need to know

This evolution reflects the changing preferences of modern brides and grooms while honoring the country's rich heritage and cultural diversity.

The Evolution of Indian Wedding Fashion

While traditional garments like Banarasi and Kanjeevaram sarees and intricately embroidered lehengas retain their significance, the introduction of fusion ensembles and experimental designs in vibrant colors has injected freshness into the fashion landscape.

Bejewelled Fantasy Takes Center Stage

ReshaMandi, India's leading B2B marketplace for textile and fashion, has unveiled its trend forecast report for the Winter 2023 to 2024 festive season in women's ethnic wear.

Based on extensive research involving renowned brands, designers, celebrities, and influencers, the report highlights the dominant theme of bejeweled fantasy.

It predicts defining trends centered around artsy florals, complemented by 3D embellishments and delicate embroidery, shaping the fashion choices of soon-to-be brides and grooms.

From Vibrant Colors to Intricate Embellishments

The report identifies key trends for the season, featuring vibrant colors like Golden Rod, True Blue, Dark Purple, Fandango Pink, and Mazarine Blue, alongside soft pastels such as Shell Coral and Winsome Orchid.

Prominent trends include fabric manipulations with raised embroideries, incorporating beads, kundan, crystals, zari, and pearls. Designers are embracing brocade fabric in Western ensembles like blazers, jumpsuits, and pants, while cutwork surfaces and fringe and feathered edges add captivating visual appeal.

Mirror work, gota patti, and the revival of Chikankari—a delicate hand embroidery technique with contemporary elements—are expected to be prominent.

The forecast also highlights jewelry-inspired motifs and luxurious fabrics like pure silk, organza, silk blends, modal, tencel, chinon, and velvet.

Luxurious Fabrics Define the Fashion Narrative

Established in 2020 with a focus on silk, ReshaMandi has expanded its offerings to include other natural fibers such as cotton, jute, linen, and wool.

Managing the entire natural fiber ecosystem, the company connects various stakeholders, including farmers, reelers, weavers, retailers, manufacturers, mills, corporations, exporters, and end-users.

ReshaMandi's D2C e-commerce platform,, provides consumers with access to exquisite sarees from different regions of India, bridging the gap between traditional craftsmanship and modern convenience.

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