Virat Kohli Unveiles WROGN ZERO on Flipkart

Virat Kohli Unveiles WROGN ZERO on Flipkart

29 May 2023, Mumbai

Indian cricket icon Virat Kohli has announced the launch of WROGN ZERO, a clothing line created in collaboration with Flipkart. With a focus on comfort and affordability, WROGN ZERO aims to redefine athleisure fashion and empower Indian youth to embrace their unique style.

What all you need to know

The collection, featuring over 100 fashion-forward apparel and footwear styles, will be available on Flipkart from May 27, coinciding with Flipkart's 'End of Season shopping festival.'

As per a NASSCOM report, Gen Z and Millennials, comprising over 52% of India's population, are reshaping the fashion industry with their preference for comfort and casual wear. Flipkart has witnessed significant growth in the casual wear segment, and the launch of WROGN ZERO is expected to accelerate this trend further.

Virat Kohli expressed his enthusiasm for the collaboration, highlighting the ultra-lightweight and stylish nature of WROGN ZERO. Flipkart's extensive reach across India will make the collection accessible to customers even in remote regions.

Flipkart's Senior Director of Fashion, Abhishek Maloo, emphasized the platform's commitment to democratizing fashion and providing trendy yet affordable clothing options. The launch of WROGN ZERO, led by Virat Kohli's style influence, aligns with Flipkart's mission to offer the best fashion choices to customers across the country.

Vikramaditya Reddy, COO & Co-Founder of WROGN, noted that the capsule collection encourages customers to become trendsetters by upgrading their wardrobes with lightweight and functional fashion. Launching on Flipkart will allow WROGN ZERO to reach its target audience while inspiring today's youth to make stylish and comfortable choices at affordable prices.

Fashion has become a significant category on Flipkart, attracting approximately 40% of new customers. The 25-35 age group, particularly interested in t-shirts, shirts, jeans, and shoes, contributes the highest demand in the fashion segment.

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