Nike is the Undisputed Leader in the World of Fashion Brands: Study


13 November 2023, Mumbai

The World’s Fashion Leader According to a recent study by ThreadSpy, an online retailer of high-end menswear, Nike is the most valuable fashion brand in the world.


The study used Google search volume and social media metrics to calculate the market value of various brands. Nike scored 9.87 out of 10 and had a market value of £30.5 billion, making it the clear winner. Some Highlights Nike is the undisputed champion of the fashion industry, with a huge lead over other brands.

Zara is the runner-up, followed by Louis Vuitton in third place. The top 10 list also features Prada, Adidas, Burberry, and more. The study shows the diversity and dynamism of the fashion industry, with brands from different segments competing for the top spots..

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