Claystones expands retail network with new store in Hyderabad

Claystones expands retail network with new store in Hyderabad

Accessories, handbags, gifts, and lifestyle retailer Claystones has expanded its retail network by opening a new brick-and-mortar store at the Lulu Mall in Hyderabad. Located in the city’s Lulu Mall, the store retails the brand’s its array of traditional and fusion style goods.

Alongwith a wall dedicated to bright printed handbags featuring ethnic textiles, the store also has various segments for cartoon style figurines, homeware such as vases and sculptures, gift items such as dolls, and other textile products among others. 

Besides Claystones, the Lulu Mall houses other international and Indian brands including jockey, Market 99, Vision Express, Swa Diamonds, Becoming, Linen Club, Peora, Tissot and Trends. The Mall was inaugurated by the Lulu Group n September 2023 as part of its wider investment plan for the state of Telangana.

Lulu Group has a vast number of malls in India including in Lucknow and Kochi. The group’s malls offer a mix of Indian and international brands with a focus on fashion and lifestyle products. 

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