Focus on plus size inclusivity in brand portfolios and social acceptance


20 September 2023, Mumbai

The self- and social acceptance of women with bigger and curvier bodies underlying thebig is also beautiful’ concept has brought about a major change in the fashion segment with many established brands and all-new brands now adding plus size segments to their portfolio.

This trend is also being seen in Indian fashion clothing as the plus size segment of those who wear sizes from the UK 14-28 and beyond is rapidly becoming half the total consumers in India, states Statista, a German market, and consumer data company.

A majority of the 16-59 age group women fall in the obese category and wear sizes 1X to 6X and now even extended sizes 7X and above are being included as an extended portfolio for many retailers.

While customers increasingly seek body positivity and size inclusivity in mainstream fashion, retailers are cohesively working to introduce new portfolios in plus size clothing by introducing new lines of apparel and bigger models to advertise these.


Plus size market growth curve is on the rise

A report on the Plus Size Clothing Market 2023-30 by MarketDigits, a US-based leading business research and consulting company reveals the market is expected to rapidly grow at a 5.7 per cent CAGR during the forecast period. The study categorizes the market as formal wear, sportswear, and casual wear.

Currently valued at $288 billion the market is expected to reach $501.35 billion by 2030 with plus-size clothing sector for both men and women expected to move north. 


The report has highlighted how the plus size clothing market can help organizations develop more successful plans on emerging fashion trends and improved products and the key drivers of the plus size market.

These market drivers include: propelling the body positivity movement ahead and embracing diverse body types in garments as rising obesity rates have led to greater demand for inclusive plus-size clothing.

However, with heightened post-Covid awareness of health and fitness, there is a growing demand for activewear and athleisure in plus sizes for all body types and not necessarily the gym worked-out model types.

Plus size bandwagon gets heavier with new brands

In the global markets, many renowned brands have added plus sizes to their existing portfolio. Mid-segment brands like Walmart have launched a new plus-size brand named Terra and Sky in 2018.

Other high-street brands such as River Island, Marks & Spencer, and New Look are now offering an all-new range of plus-size items to suit increased demand in post-covid times


Many specialized brands such as FabAlley Curve, Alto Moda by Pantaloons, Gia by Westside, PlusS, and ASOS Curve are doing well while other premium brands have added a plus size segment.

Strong fashion marketing and promotional efforts on the covers of Indian and foreign magazine editions have increased women’s body acceptance, which has been increased by curvy celebrity endorsements and a positive public impression of plus-size men and women.

Sports and fitness brands such as Adidas, Nike, Puma, and Asos have all added plus-size sports and athleisure garments to their collections that can go up to 3X sizes.


The increased penetration of e-commerce platforms has encouraged the ease of online shopping to customers across India with easy delivery to far more locations along with a variety of payment modes.

Many brands now have plus-size celebrities endorsing clothes to celebrate body positivity while others focus on customization and personalization allowing customers to tailor clothing to their specific measurements.

The new trend of global consumers increasingly buying clothes that are not made for models but for real women who flatter their curves will keep propelling the plus-size segment further over the next decade.

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