Kicky & Perky Frilluxe Collection


25 September 2023, Mumbai

A Symphony of Modern Grandeur and Elegance

Kicky & Perky, a renowned jewelry brand, has launched its exquisite Frilluxe Collection, a pinnacle of modern grandeur and elegance. This collection features expertly crafted accessories, including the alluring Curlicue Ruby Earrings and Enchanted Cascade Earrings etc.

Each piece in the Frilluxe Collection is a symphony of posh attractiveness, exuding luxury and enjoyment. These timeless treasures are odes to the brand's vision of catapulting Indian fashion to global acclaim.

About Brand

Kicky & Perky Jewels, founded in 2022 by Preeti Khandelwal, Aditi Khandelwal, and Shalini Khandelwal, is a paragon of timeless elegance and masterful artistry.

With its diverse repertoire of over 200 designs and the promise of five new luxurious collections, including Frilluxe, Kicky & Perky Jewels is more than just jewelry; it's a symphony of artistry, passion, and timeless allure.

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