India's Fashion Runway Takes Off


12 January 2024, Mumbai

Luxury Booms as Growth and Aspiration Collide

Darshan Mehta, CEO of RBL, sees India's rising incomes and evolving tastes as music to his ears - especially for luxury brands. This sentiment echoes as the Indian fashion scene roars to life, fueled by a potent cocktail of factors:

  • A Burgeoning Middle Class: Disposable income is ballooning, hand-in-hand with internet access, making international brands irresistible to India's growing middle class.
  • Government Tailwinds: Easier FDI norms and a startup-friendly environment are weaving a welcoming tapestry for fashion's global players.
  • Young & Ambitious Pulse: India's youthful, aspirational population, coupled with robust economic growth, is an irresistible siren song for luxury titans.

2024 promises to be a runway extravaganza as more international brands sashay onto the Indian stage. With its vibrant energy and insatiable appetite for style, India's fashion scene is poised for a dazzling new chapter.

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