Lara Dutta Bhupati endorses Gritzo Supermilk Height Plus for children


16 September 2023, Mumbai

Lara Dutta Bhupati, a celebrated actress and mother of two, has endorsed Gritzo Supermilk Height Plus, a personalized nutrition drink for children.

In a market abundant with numerous nutritional options, the task of selecting the perfect nourishment for a growing child becomes a top priority.

Gritzo Supermilk Height Plus is enriched with essential macro and micronutrients such as protein, calcium, vitamin D3, Ashwagandha, zinc, iron, and Amla, all of which are crucial for the early development of children.

Gritzo offers personalized nutrition according to age, gender and health goals. For instance, Gritzo Supermilk Height Plus is specifically designed for children aged 8 to 12 years old, who are going through a growth spurt.


Lara: "I am thrilled to be associated with Gritzo and join them in the journey of spreading awareness on the relevance of nutrition for growing children."

Lara: "I urge all mothers to choose Gritzo Supermilk Height Plus for their children and give them the best possible start in life."

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