Mokobara Opens Bengaluru High Street Store


20 July 2023, Mumbai

Mokobara, the renowned luggage, handbag, and accessories brand, has opened its second physical store in the bustling shopping district of Indiranagar in Bengaluru.


This exclusive outlet marks the brand's inaugural venture into the realm of high-street retail. On the back of the tremendous success of its first store at Phoenix Marketcity in Bangalore, the brand is thrilled to establish its presence in the heart of the city's high street.

Enhanced customer delight

Located on 12th Main Road, the high street store offers a comprehensive range of Mokobara's signature tote bags, mini bags, suitcases, and various accessories.

Brand ethos; The store's design aims to provide customers with an immersive experience, allowing them to witness the products firsthand and engage with the brand's captivating world.

Growth story

Furthermore, the store serves as an educational platform, enlightening shoppers about Mokobara's unique design philosophy and fostering brand awareness.

With ambitions to expand rapidly across India company has already secured five store locations, all of which are set to launch in the upcoming months.

The brand goal is to establish a total of 20 stores within this financial year." Mokobara's strategic expansion plan reflects the brand's commitment to offering customers convenient access to its exquisite range of products while solidifying its presence in the Indian market.

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