SOPA: Building a Loyalty-Driven E-Commerce Platform


08 September 2022, Mumbai:

Society Pass Inc. ("SoPa") - Building a Loyalty-Driven E-Commerce Platform in Southeast Asia.

SoPa's business model is based upon acquiring smaller e-commerce companies with high growth potential at a relatively low cost and expanding its user base across a robust product and service ecosystem.  

Society Pass Inc. ("SoPa"), founded in 2018 and based in Singapore, operates e-commerce platforms in Southeast Asia ("SEA").

As of August 2022, SoPa has amassed more than 3.3 million registered consumers and over 205,700 affiliated merchants and brands. Second-quarter 2022 revenues of approximately $500,000 reflect the nascent stage of its platform rollout.


As a digitally-focused loyalty and data marketing ecosystem in Vietnam, Indonesia, Philippines, Singapore and Thailand and with offices located in Angeles, Bangkok, Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, Jakarta, Manila, and Singapore, SoPa is an acquisition-focused e-commerce holding company operating 6 interconnected verticals.  

Argus Research believes that this open-loop loyalty program differentiates Society Pass from other regional competitors.

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