Birla Cellulose revitalizes handloom sector


11 August 2023, Mumbai

In collaboration with over 1500 weavers across India, Birla Cellulose, a part of Aditya Birla Group, is revitalizing the handloom sector.

By introducing sustainable and cost-effective materials, they empower weavers to create high-quality products while preserving the art of handloom.


Timely and consistent delivery of quality yarn at stable prices enhances weavers' capabilities, boosting productivity.

Birla Cellulose champions natural fibers like Viscose, Modal, and Excel through the Liva brand, creating awareness and supplying 50 tons of yarn in the past year.

Unique proposition

India's handloom industry embodies cultural identity, known for its eco-friendly, adaptable, and less capital-intensive nature.

Despite challenges like lower income and fast fashion's impact, Birla Cellulose's initiatives inspire new artists, fostering demand consistency. Their holistic approach encompasses rural outreach, technical seminars, and post-production support, extending from tagging to promotions.

"Navyasa," the saree brand under Liva, rejuvenates traditional fabrics, weaving together centuries-old cultural magic. Birla Cellulose's commitment drives economic, cultural, and social growth in the handloom sector, preserving India's heritage sustainably.

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