Cover Story unveils second Lucknow outlet in Lulu Mall


13 October 2023, Mumbai

Women’s western wear brand, Cover Story, has extended its footprint with the opening of a second exclusive outlet in Lucknow. Situated within the bustling Lulu Mall, this marks the 19th brick-and-mortar store in India for the fashion brand.
The move underscores Cover Story's commitment to staying in vogue with dynamic fashion trends, allowing customers to curate a wardrobe for every mood and occasion.

Cover Story's spokesperson expressed their enthusiasm, emphasizing the brand's dedication to providing up-to-the-minute fashion while maintaining quality.
The new outlet is strategically positioned to cater to the style-savvy consumers of Lucknow, who seek the latest trends in women's casual and semi-formal wear.
Cover Story's diverse collection, including office-friendly ensembles and youthful separates, is on display at the Lucknow store.

This expansion is part of the brand's nationwide growth strategy, with established stores in cities like Mumbai, Hyderabad, and New Delhi.
As Cover Story continues to flourish, it remains a flagship venture of Reliance Retail Ventures Limited, fostering its unique fashion vision developed at a design studio in London, UK.

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