AJIO uses Delhivery's QC-RVP technology to boost prospects

AJIO uses Delhivery's QC-RVP technology to boost prospects

02 April 2022, Mumbai:

To better client experience, Delhivery, a logistics and supply chain company, has teamed with AJIO, a Reliance-owned fashion, and clothing store. AJIO will launch a technology-based Quality Check Return Product (QC-RVP) powered by Delhivery as part of the partnership.

The QC-RVP device allows Delhivery's 26,000 last-mile agents to conduct rigorous quality inspections at the customer's doorstep before returning the package to AJIO.

According to Delhivery, it has successfully raised the resale ability of returned goods from 25% to 98 percent, allowing AJIO to increase profitability and reduce waste.

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In addition, AJIO was able to reduce the refund remittance process to 24 hours. "We've worked with AJIO for a long time as its logistics partner, and we're excited to help them improve the quality of their supply chain process."

AJIO's NPS has increased by 130 percent as a result of our QC-RVP solution (Net Promoter Score).

Delhivery's COO, Ajith Pai, stated, "We consistently innovate to drive our clients' business using our skills." QC-RVP enables Delhivery to provide consumers with the option of customizing their doorstep quality inspection process by selecting from a list of more than 20 characteristics.

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"Delhivery is an important partner for AJIO on the logistics and supply chain leg of the consumer journey.

We have harnessed overall goodness to drive consumer experience through combined innovation in technology and operational processes.

Ashutosh Srivastava, AJIO's COO, stated, "This has enabled greater retention stats for the platform."

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