Earth Rhythm opens kiosks


17 October 2022, Mumbai:

Earth Rhythm is opening kiosks in the country’s top cities. This direct-to-consumer beauty brand, launched in 2019, plans to open 12 kiosks in Tier I and II cities as part of its offline sales plan. After the initial launch phase, the company plans to open over 70 kiosks in India and overseas.

It aims to generate ten percent of fiscal 2023 revenue via omni-channel sales. Earth Rhythm kiosks are being launched in New Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai, Chennai, Chandigarh, Raipur, and Dehradun. The kiosks will display close to 90 products across the face and hair care, bath, and body and makeup.

Earth Rhythm is backed by the online fashion commerce platform Nykaa. Building large stand-alone stores are CAPEX intensive and as a result, the company is looking at small-sized kiosks.

Online-first brands are now eyeing offline channels as consumer mobility resumes. There’s been a shift post-pandemic. Footfalls have tremendously increased. Consumers now want to step out and experience products that they spent online over the last few years.

Many customers still enjoy making in-person purchases from brick-and-mortar establishments. Going hybrid, therefore, gives online brands a competitive advantage and aids in growing clientele. More and more online-first brands are pushing their products in offline stores as consumers resume visits to malls and markets.

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