CMAI Achievers Club: How Indian D2C Brands Achieve 300% Growth with Smart Strategies


17 October 2023, Mumbai

CMAI Achievers Club features winning strategies of D2C brands for 300% growth.
Indian D2C brands succeed by being customer-oriented, expert, and strategic. They optimize their supply chains, e-commerce, and customer experience.
They also manage product quality and returns well. To compete with big brands, they focus on quality and market segmentation. Social media is key for engaging customers and telling stories. But D2C is not the only way to win.

Other options like retail or partnerships can also work
Discounts can help, but creating valuable content and having a long-term vision are more important. Brands need to understand how discounts work in marketplaces. Hero products are vital for marketplaces, while D2C websites can mix them with new arrivals.
Entrepreneurs can use easy platforms to build their online presence. A brand is more than a name; it is a story and an experience.
Marketing and branding are linked, but marketing covers pricing, distribution, and advertising, while branding creates a unique identity and loyalty. A brand name matters because of the effort behind it.

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