Nykaa Fashion: Setting the Online Retail Fashion Bar High

Nykaa Fashion: Setting the Online Retail Fashion Bar High

17 April 2023, Mumbai 

Nykaa Fashion, the online fashion retail arm of Nykaa, is gaining popularity among fashion-conscious Indian customers due to its focus on curation and trend-forward approach.

The CEO of Nykaa Fashion, Adwaita Nayar, believes in offering the best brands from across the country and the globe to Indian customers, as quoted in The Print.

What all you need to know

What sets Nykaa Fashion apart from other online fashion retailers is its emphasis on curation. Nykaa Fashion ensures that every product listed is of high quality, on-trend, and offers good value for money. The premium fashion platform has a dedicated process to actively de-list products every week, ensuring that only the best-curated products are available to customers.

Nykaa Fashion offers several exciting properties on its platform, including Hidden Gems and the Global Store. Hidden Gems is a property close to Nayar's heart as she travels across the country, discovers emerging labels and brands, brings them onto the platform, and gives them the attention they deserve. The Global Store, launched in September 2022, brings the best brands from around the world to Indian customers. Nykaa Fashion now offers brands from Turkey, UK, and USA on the platform.

The vision for Nykaa Fashion is to create a platform that provides all-round customer sustenance.

Nykaa Fashion's focus on curation, inspiration, and customer obsession is quickly making it the go-to destination for fashion-conscious Indian customers.

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