ReshaMandi: Super app for iOS devices


22 November 2022, Mumbai:

The app will be available in five Indian languages – Hindi, Kannada, Tamil, Telugu, and  Marathi – besides English.

ReshaMandi’s Founder and CEO, Mayank Tiwari said, “The combination of financial technology and digitization has resulted in a new development model for the textile industry. We are delighted to see that our stakeholders across the value chain are understanding and utilising the Reshamandi app.”.

About ReshaMandi

ReshaMandi is India’s first and largest farm-to-fashion digital ecosystem for the natural fibre supply chain. The company began with a focus on silk and has diversified by adding other natural fibres to its portfolios such as cotton, jute, coir, and banana.

Since its inception in 2020, ReshaMandi’s app has witnessed an increase in participation from farmers, reelers, yarn manufacturers, weavers, and retailers.

Presently, 34,000 stakeholders of ReshaMandi have installed the app with 40% of them using the app’s payment system and receiving payment acknowledgments on the app.

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