Texcon '23: A Confederation of Indian Industry event


22 December 2023, Mumbai

WHY India

Opening with a bang:

  1. Texcon '23 wasn't just a conference; it was a clarion call. Under the banner "Transforming India into a Global Textile Hub," industry leaders, from the Confederation of Indian Industry to Bollywood icon Pankaj Tripathi, united to declare a pivotal moment for the nation's textile sector.

    Highlighting the urgency:

    Cooperation, innovation, and a dash of government support—these were the ingredients deemed essential to overcome challenges and unleash the industry's potential. Sustainability, championed through initiatives like blockchain-powered Kasturi Cotton, was positioned as the catalyst for this growth.

    Ambition takes center stage:

    $250 billion by 2030—that's the staggering sales target India set for its textile industry, with $100 billion earmarked for exports. An "India-first" approach resonated throughout the event, urging stakeholders to embrace collaboration and tap into the sector's immense manufacturing prowess.

    Addressing the roadblocks:

    Headwinds like export dips in the first half of the year were acknowledged, but October's positive growth offered a glimmer of hope. Experts like Sivaramakrishnan Ganapathi and Kulin Lalbhai pointed to gaps in synthetic fiber production and value chain deficiencies as areas demanding immediate attention.

    Hope amidst the challenges:

    The "China-plus-one" strategy, with its potential influx of global brands seeking alternative production hubs, fueled optimism among industry insiders. Comparisons with other Asian manufacturing destinations, coupled with India's strengths like stable governance and strong raw material base, further bolstered confidence.

    Conclude with a call to action.

    Texcon '23 wasn't just a conference; it was a roadmap. A roadmap for revolutionizing India's textile landscape and for weaving a future where "Made in India" becomes synonymous with quality, innovation, and global leadership. Now, it's time to roll up our sleeves and turn our aspirations into reality.

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