CAIT urges Modi: Uplift small businesses

CAIT urges Modi: Uplift small businesses

05 March 2022, Mumbai:

The Confederation of All India Traders has penned a letter to Prime Minister Modi asking him to uplift small businesses and increase their ease of doing business, criticising the Union Government for sidelining them.

CAIT’s secretary general Praveen Khandelwal wrote to Modi on March 3 to express that he, “deeply regretted that so far no authority has paid any attention,” to boosting small businesses, the Press Trust of India reported.

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“It is to bring to your kind notice that several times, we on our own requested concerned authorities to involve traders in participatory governance to widen the tax base and yield more revenue to both Central and State Governments but our call was never answered.”

Although the Union Government named micro, small, and medium businesses as one of the driving forces behind the Indian economy, CAIT believes that insufficient measures have been taken to support them.

The issue is especially pertinent in the wake of the pandemic, which generally affected smaller businesses more severely.


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