India's cotton yarn exports are expected to reach $4.69 billion: Year 2021

India's cotton yarn exports are expected to reach $4.69 billion: Year 2021

08 February 2022, Mumbai:

The export of cotton yarns in India has been a source of intense debate in recent months, as garment makers have repeatedly expressed their worries about growing local yarn costs, which have made garment production more expensive!

Despite these atrocities, according to the most recent official statistics, India's cotton yarn export profits in 2021 were US $ 4.69 billion, or a 79.64 percent year-on-year increase.

Cotton exports likely to jump 40% in 2020-21 - The Financial Express

Bangladesh was at the top of the list, with India earning US $ 1.72 billion from cotton yarn exports in 2021, an increase of 162.25 percent over 2020! With a value of US $ 949.90 million in cotton yarn imports from India, China remained in second place.

It's worth noting that while the China-India relationship has been shaky in recent years, the export of India's textile raw materials to the world's top textile exporter appears to be unaffected; in fact, it's rising at a rapid rate.

Portugal favored India's cotton yarn, with imports of the commodity reaching US $ 210.79 million in 2021, up 62 percent year on year.

Apart from Bangladesh, China, and Portugal, Vietnam, Egypt, Peru, South Korea, Turkey, Colombia, Sri Lanka, Guatemala, Germany, Italy, Jordan, and the United States were among the nations that expanded cotton yarn sourcing from India in 2021.


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