Intex India: A Global Sourcing Hub for Textiles and Apparel


21 November 2023, Mumbai

A Comprehensive Platform for Sourcing, Networking, Learning, and Innovation

Intex India has established itself as the premier sourcing destination for textile and apparel industry professionals, providing a holistic platform that encompasses sourcing, networking, learning, and innovation across the entire textile value chain. With its extensive global reach and unwavering commitment to excellence, Intex plays a pivotal role in shaping the future of textiles, not only in India but across South Asia.

The Unrivaled B2B Textile Sourcing Show

Intex India is more than just a trade show; it is an annual gathering of industry leaders, innovators, and stakeholders, bringing together Indian and global textile suppliers. It serves as the preeminent B2B international textile sourcing event, attracting a multitude of exhibitors, buyers, and professionals who are integral to the textile and apparel industry's vibrancy.

Connecting the Global Textile Ecosystem

Intex India stands as a beacon for global textile sourcing, fostering a seamless connection between exhibitors and buyers from diverse regions across the world. It offers comprehensive sourcing solutions and access to the rich and diverse tapestry of the textile and apparel industry. This convergence of industry players is a testament to Intex's role in facilitating international business relationships and promoting cross-cultural collaboration.

A Catalyst for Growth: Networking, Knowledge Sharing, and Business Expansion

Intex India offers a unique opportunity for networking, knowledge sharing, and business expansion. It caters to a wide spectrum of professionals, ranging from textile manufacturers and suppliers to designers and entrepreneurs. The trade show also exhibits the latest textile innovations and industry trends. It functions as a hub for the exchange of ideas and knowledge, facilitating discussions on sustainable practices, digital advancements, and design innovations that are shaping the textile landscape.

A History of Success

Since its inception in 2015, Intex has gone from strength to strength. Through the past 12 editions, it has connected over 50,000 trade buyers from over 35 countries with over 1,850 textile suppliers from 20 countries. This remarkable track record underscores the event's continued growth and its vital role in facilitating international trade relations.

Intex India 2023: An Immersive Experience

Intex India 2023 transcends being a mere exhibition. It offers an immersive experience for professionals, with special forums that serve as platforms for industry leaders to exchange ideas, knowledge, and insights. These forums include:

  • Intex Textile Conclave (ITC): An inspiration and innovation exchange where the industry's brightest minds come together to share their vision for the future.

  • Intex Investment Forum (IIF): An opportunity to explore the investment potential in India and globally, paving the way for business expansion and collaboration.

  • Interactive Business Forum (IBF): A convergence of ideas and businesses, where industry leaders chart the course for future growth and development.

Value Accretion: Shaping the Future of Textiles

As the industry evolves and transforms, Intex India has emerged as a consistent and indispensable force, contributing significantly to the development and progress of the textile and apparel sector in the region. It is a place where ideas become reality, where connections are forged, and where the textile industry's future is etched. Intex India 2023 is not just an exhibition; it's an experience that will shape the industry's future.

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