Umesh Gaur has been promoted to Managing Director – International at Tukatech

Umesh Gaur has been promoted to Managing Director – International at Tukatech

04 February 2022, Mumbai:

Umesh Gaur has been appointed Managing Director International at Tukatech, the leading provider of CAD, CAM clothing technology solutions. Umesh will be responsible for overseeing Tukatech's worldwide business operations in his new post.

He has more than 20 years of expertise in the industry and previously served as the company's President for the Asian region. Umesh, who is presently located in Gurgaon, India, has come a long way since joining Tukatech over two decades ago as an Installation Engineer before rising through the ranks to handle operations in Asia and Europe.

Ram Sareen's Tukatech Celebrates Silver Anniversary

Tukatech is now better positioned than ever to execute an ambitious expansion plan in Asia, the Middle East, Eastern and Western Europe, Africa, and other emerging regions, all while dealing with an ever-changing and increasingly difficult supply chain environment.

"It's a big pleasure to have this chance at such an exciting moment for the firm," Umesh said of his new position.

He observes a significant growth in the usage of technology by businesses of all kinds and levels. This is especially true in exporting nations who are trying to salvage their industries and become more competitive," he adds, "and it is also true in importing countries that are using technology to bring production back home."

He went on to say that exporters must work hard to minimize their time and costs or risk losing business.

"With strong foundations for this growth and a large base of delighted Tukatech users," Umesh said, "I am optimistic that we can continue to build on this success and drive our strategic goal ahead."

Tukatech's Founder and Chairman, Ram Sareen, is 'overjoyed' to have Umesh join the company as Managing Director International.

"I am pleased to be able to announce this promotion. Umesh has extensive clothing industry expertise and has built and supported teams in Asia and Europe. Ram asserted, "He is well-suited to accomplish the same in Africa and other parts of the world."


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