Max Urban launches inaugural collection


Tailored exclusively for the burgeoning youth market in the country, Max Urban, the latest venture by Max Fashion, has launched its inaugural collection.

Titled, ‘Love Labels, the collection redefines the traditional size norms by embracing a more empowering approach. The brand reimagines traditional sizes as affirmations of self-love and body positivity. It celebrates diversity in body shapes and sizes through a captivating campaign film that promises to provide clothes that not only fit perfectly but also uplift and empower customers.

Using a language that not only empowers individuals but also makes them feel confident in their own skin, the 'Love Labels' campaign revolutionises the way sizes are perceived, says Sumit Chandna, President & Deputy CEO, Max Urban.

Drawing inspiration from casual, vacation prints and serene patterns, this inaugural collection by Max Urban offers a refreshing range of styles. The collection is available at over 500 brand stores Max Fashion’s newly launched e-commerce platform. It will also be showcased in over 50 selected stores across major cities in India. With prices starting at just Rs 199, the collection offers international fashion at competitive prices.

Committed to expand the reach of Love Labels, Max Urban plans to increase the number of stores throughout the year.

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