Welspun India Dominates ESG Rankings


24 June 2023, Mumbai

Welspun India Limited (WIL), a leading textile company, continues to excel in Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) performance, evident in this year's Sustainalytics' ESG risk ratings. Demonstrates commitment to ESG

With a notable score of 11.3, WIL has significantly improved from its previous year's score of 14.4, underscoring its commitment to integrating ESG into its business strategy. Sustainalytics, a prominent independent ESG and corporate governance research firm, evaluated WIL's performance in the Textile & Apparel category.


Welspun India now ranks 9th out of 202 global participants, categorized as "Low risk." It stands as the top-ranked Indian company among its industry peers, reflecting its dedication to ESG initiatives such as decarbonization, water conservation, sustainable raw materials, and supply chain sustainability.

These efforts showcase WIL's determination to be a global leader in ESG practices. The assessment recognizes Welspun India's "Strong" ESG management, signifying the company's strategic integration of environmental, social, and governance factors in its operations and decision-making.

Building Responsible Ecosystem

These achievements further will motivate management to go the extra mile and think innovatively to preserve the environment while giving back to society.

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