Textile Secretary UP Singh pays a visit to the Texport Syndicate's technical textile factory in Surat (India)

Textile Secretary UP Singh pays a visit to the Texport Syndicate's technical textile factory in Surat (India)

14th September 2021, Mumbai:

The Government of India's Ministry of Textiles has been aggressively promoting the country's technical textile sector.

Darshana Jardosh, Union Minister of State for Textiles and Railways, and UP Singh, Textile Secretary, were in Surat recently to launch Weaveknitt 2021, a three-day fabric exhibition organized by the South Gujarat Chamber of Commerce and Industries (SGCCI).

Because Surat is a textile hub with a number of reputable organizations, a delegation led by UP Singh and including members of the SGCCI decided to visit a few facilities as part of the ministry's efforts to gain a better understanding of the issues in the textile and technical textile sectors from the ground up.

Texport Syndicate India Ltd. (TSILAdvanced )'s Material Division (AMD) is one such state-of-the-art manufacturing facility where an unscheduled visit occurred. “The technical textile industry is ever-evolving, with double-digit growth.

As a result, the government is concentrating its efforts on consolidating this industry with a well-defined goal and a strategy,” said Avinash Misar, Director and CEO (AMD) of Texport Syndicate and Director of Indian Technical Textile Association (ITTA). 

It's worth noting that ITTA, a trade association representing over 500 technical textile companies, is actively working with the Textile Ministry to develop strategies to boost the sector, particularly in light of the recently approved production-linked incentive (PLI) scheme, which provides attractive incentives to uplift and expands the value chain of technical textiles. “The ITTA applauds the government's foresight in establishing a technical textiles plan.

It's a fantastic idea since the sector may obtain significant incentives under the PLI program if they spend Rs. 100 crore or more and double their revenue by increasing capacity and productivity. As a result, the government is pushing the sector, and it is now up to industry stakeholders to become more productive and competitive in order to grow their part of the global market,” Avinash said.

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