Linen Club's innovative Sankranti campaign: Tradition meets renewal

Linen Club's innovative Sankranti campaign: Tradition meets renewal

In a groundbreaking move, Linen Club, a leading linen brand under the Aditya Birla Group, has launched an unprecedented campaign celebrating the annual Sankranti festival. The campaign, a first of its kind by any textile fashion brand in India, focuses on the age-old tradition of Bhogi, symbolizing new beginnings during the harvest season.

Letting go for new beginnings: Bhogiritual as a life lesson

Capturing the essence of Sankranti, the campaign emphasizes the significance of 'letting go off the old,' a crucial custom in Andhra Pradesh. The Bhogi ritual involves discarding old belongings into a ceremonial fire, paving the way for a fresh start and an annual shopping spree for farmers.

360-degree campaign: Linen Club's unique approach

The 360-degree campaign, activated across digital platforms, offline media, brand stores, and radio, invites everyone to share what they resolve to 'let go off' to embrace new beginnings. Linen Club sees the Bhogi ritual not just as a custom but a valuable life lesson, promoting evolution and embracing the new.

Melodious festive song and folk melody integration

Accompanying the campaign is a festive song, 'Linen Club SankrantiSambaralu,' performed by award-winning singers GeethaMadhuri and LollaVenkataRevanth Kumar Sharma. The unique endeavor by a fashion brand to present a local folk melody aligns Linen Club with its customers during their most important annual festival.

Celebrating authentic aesthetics: Linen Club's expertise

The campaign brings alive the authentic aesthetics of the festival and showcases Linen Club's expertise with a wide palette of fabrics and apparel. The film, directed by NirupamParitala and Surya, beautifully captures a Sankranti morning, emphasizing celebration, prosperity, and new beginnings.

A heartwarming story: Tradition, family, and new Beginnings

The video story features a Sankranti morning with a family preparing for the Bhogi ritual. The grandfather imparts wisdom to the grandson about the importance of letting go of the old. A touching moment arises when the child, inquiring about throwing away anger, prompts the grandfather to reconcile with his estranged daughter.

Passion, authenticity, and expertise: Linen Club's commitment

Satyaki Ghosh, CEO, Domestic Textiles, Grasim Industries, Aditya Birla Group, expresses excitement, stating that Linen Club's campaign pays homage to Andhra Pradesh's rich culture. The brand's commitment to customer engagement and sustainability is evident in its premium linen fabrics and festive apparel range.

Experience the spirit of Sankranti with Linen Club, embracing tradition while making room for new beginnings through the purity of linen.

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