'Abraham & Thakore' to launch a sustainably-made collection

'Abraham & Thakore' to launch a sustainably-made collection

06 October 2021, Mumbai:

Designer duo Abraham & Thakore plan to create a collection using sustainable and mindful techniques. Inspired by the theme of 'Assemble, Disassemble, Reassemble', the collection will be made from ‘Green Gold’ a unique fabric created from recycled PET by R-Elan. Classic timeless and versatile pieces that form the basis of a contemporary ready-to-wear wardrobe will be incorporated in the collection. The collection will explore techniques such as patchwork, hand stitching and quilting. It will include a selection of evening wear that has been intricately embroidered using sequins made from sheets of discarded PET materials.

The soon-to-be showcased range will explore new sustainable fashion practices ranging from drawing on traditional hand skills to investigating new materials and technologies that can effect positive change.


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