Anamika Khanna, Reliance Brands launch Ak-OK

Anamika Khanna, Reliance Brands launch Ak-OK

21 December 2021, Mumbai:

Reliance Brands and Anamika Khanna will develop a fashion brand called AK-OK. The brand has evolved in recognition of rapidly changing lifestyles and has a design philosophy that is age and gender-agnostic.

While the brand originates in India and holds intricate Indian nuances, every collection from AK-OK galvanizes design quirks and interesting silhouettes that transcend geographies.

The aim is to present a unique design philosophy to Indian and global consumers. AK-OK builds a world where it is completely okay to bring together the luxurious and the relaxed, to create a distinctly personal take on style and not be dictated by trends.

Indian fashion brands are a strategic part of Reliance Brands’ luxury portfolio and with this partnership, Reliance is adding another design powerhouse to its growing repertoire of fashion brands.

Reliance’s learnings from operating a wide retail network across its group companies and experience of building a diverse portfolio of luxury to premium brands are expected to come in good stead to steer AK-OK as one of the most recognisable new-age brands globally.

Reliance Brands began operations in 2007 with a mandate to launch and build global brands in the luxury to premium segment across fashion and lifestyle. Known for her eponymous label, Anamika Khanna is well recognised for encapsulating India’s rich craft in global contours.


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