Oeko-Tex: Vipul Organics awarded Certification

Oeko-Tex: Vipul Organics awarded Certification

08 April 2022, Mumbai:

Vipul Organics has been awarded with the Oeko-Tex Certification for its pigment products under the brand name SunPrint for the textile industry.

The certification will enable Vipul Organics to work with global textiles and garments companies committed to upholding a sustainable ecosystem.

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Mihir V Shah, Executive Director says, the certification will also help them broaden client base and target multinational companies focusing on safety and sustainability.

A definitive independent certification system, the Eco Passport by Oeko Tex is especially designed for manufacturers of process chemicals and chemical compounds.

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The passport certifies the safety and sustainability of the entire value chain of manufacturing textiles.

During a multistep process, Oeko Tex analyses whether each individual ingredient in the chemical product meets the statutory requirements and that it is not harmful to human health. Both brands and manufacturers value the Eco Passport as credible proof of sustainable textile and leather production.

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