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Draft E-Commerce: Feedback deadline July 21

Government extends date for consultative feedback on proposed e-commerce draft.

This is the outcome of repeated considerations expressed by lead e-tailers likes of Amazon, Flipkart & Tata Group, the central government has extended the deadline to July 21 for suggestions/ consultations on proposed adjustments for Indian e-commerce.


It may be recalled unique/ original timeline was July 6th and the draft was made public on June 21th,2021.


Sticky point:

Exhaustive changes been proposed are uncomforting to e-commerce Cos.


Industry chambers View:



Consumer affairs ministry: Draws attention that proposed rules deal with 'unfair' trade practices that hurts customers.


“The committee set up to look into the state of affairs comprehensively, therefore, recommended that course correction to mitigate questionable tactics including manipulation of algorithms, influential product reviews & transparent rating mechanism must be created so that the interest of consumer is not hurt or compromised at any cost.”


Draft E-Commerce: Feedback deadline July 21

Traders & Retailers to be beneficiaries from MSME Schemes

BREAKTHROUGH ANNOUNCEMENT for 2.5 crore retail, wholesale traders; to be brought under the MSME scope, turn beneficiary observes RBI, ANNOUNCES proudly Nitin Gadkari, Ministry of Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises (M/o MSME).

The move aims in a targeted manner that this inclusiveness shall help this uncovered trade segment get much needed benefit of priority sector lending under the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) notified guidelines. 


Precursor to MSME new notification: Govt revisited turnover limits last year.


Centre accords much needed MSME status to retailers and wholesale traders. Getting term loans from MSME schemes besides conventional lenders a reality now.

As per Kumar Rajagopalan, CEO Retailers Association of India (RAI),"Move will help retail sector get formalised"

Traders' associations hailed the decision, said Praveen Khandelwal, secretary general, Confederation of All India Traders (CAIT).



“But, the concern is how broad based will the scope/ ambit be


Will this be covering those retailers, wholesaler & traders who already have access to banking finance and still be eligible & entitled to all the incremental benefits,”


Inclusiveness for Wholesalers & Retailers a Path 'Breaking Move'

Traders & Retailers to be beneficiaries from MSME Schemes

Records Q1FY22 Exports buoy industry confidence

After clocking impressive record $95bn exports in Q1FY22 government is in buoyant mood of consolidating the run rate so as not to lose onto the sustainable gains.

Proactively commerce and industry minister Piyush Goyal recently exhorted Exporters community to set industry a target before them to achieve 400$ Bn. Echoing the same confidence new incumbent FIEO, President Dr A Sakthivel underlined the optimism that it's quite achievable.

Easier SEZs rules
Fast tracking refund taxes & levies to Exporters

It is already work in progress as Commerce Secretary, B V R Subramanyam is already in continuous dialogue with industry to further rationalise & simplify procedures. 

Also there's a near unanimity on the issue that export should not be burdened by local taxes. The guiding principle remains is we should be exporting goods and services, not taxes...and nobody does it.

H'ble Union Minister Piyush Goyal maintains that the Indian economy is well on the path to recovery

Records Q1FY22 Exports buoy industry confidence

The deception of green-washing in fast fashion

Irony of the day is that rather than truly going green, certain brands are taking the green-washing route instead & get into unethical practices to be successful in a hurry. As sustainability becomes more & more important to consumers, brands must invest in authentic, genuine supply chain alignment and branch reform, to manage expectations & her perception. As getting into the required processes & practices such as Certifications can be quite expensive to get, so smaller brands are not always able to get into all that and prefer to bypass all this and indulge in malpractices.

The term ‘green-washing’ was coined by environmentalist Jay Westervelt in 1986

Green-washing in fashion space is on the rise and is quite rampant. Sustainable, eco-friendly, natural and green are commonly abused terms

Advisory: Need to question, How genuine are the product claims!




On the back of the facts it is not inappropriate to tag,"The fast fashion industry has been a major culprit of this malpractice"


The deception of green-washing in fast fashion

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